Cleaning Agents & Disinfectants for the Greenhouse horticulture and solar Sector

AR Clean

AR Clean is an environmentally friendly specific glass cleaner especially for AR coated glass, with ingredients of natural origin. It combines excellent performance with optimum environmental friendliness.

Recommended & Approved by Saint Gobain, Havecon, Hu Yua Glass for safe use.


Light is an important factor for the growth of crops. With AR-coated glass, more light can be gained into the greenhouse. Regular cleaning of the glass also provides more light.
The fluorine-containing products are certainly not suitable for the cleaning of tempered, coated and diffused glass. With diffused glass, damage to the structure of the glass is possible. With tempered glass, fluorine-containing products affect the glass and provide a light, blue haze. With coated glass, these agents damage the coating irreparably. Even if the coating is on the inside of the glass, when cleaning only the outside, droplets can seep in and cause damage to the glass. High pressure cleaners can also damage coatings.
Ecological cleaning agents have been on the rise in recent years, to prevent damage to coating or glass. Gardeners are applying more and more glass with anti-reflection coatings. They wonder which way is the best, fastest and safest way to clean the greenhouse roof. Glass cleaners are suitable for this without affecting the effect of the anti-reflection coating.
In order not to lose the additional investment in the more expensive coated glass for more light in the greenhouse, irreparable damage to the glass surface must be prevented. After all, coatings that are no longer on the glass no longer work. The cleaning of the glass must therefore be done carefully on both the inside and outside. When using sponges and triggers  on etched glass,  residues can become in the pores and adversely affect the transmission.


By means of an independent test carried out by DLV Glas, the effect on transmission on new AR coated glass was examined when using various (ecological)cleaning agents.


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Chemical agents that are common in horticulture for the cleaning of glass cannot be applied to Anti-Reflex glass. These agents remove a layer of the glass on which the Anti-Reflex treatment has been carried out. Cleaning with these agents will greatly reduce the effect of Anti-Reflex glass. AR Clean  has been subjected to a compatibility and effectiveness test by various AR glass producers. AR Clean  does not affect the AR coating, even at very high concentrations and frequent application. AR Clean  came out of the effectiveness tests very well.

The first m2
A pepper nursery was looking for a cleaning agent that provides an improved % transmission after cleaning and is also environmentally friendly. In 2018, the first greenhouse was cleaned with AR Clean. During the cultivation change of 2019/2020, all greenhouses with AR Clean coated glass were cleaned. Below are the results of various measurements before and after cleaning of glass.



  •  Very economical to use
  • Effect in use at very low concentration
  • More than 3% transmission improvement after cleaning with AR Clean
  • Before Cleaning with AR Clean 92.8 ± 0.69 (92.1- 93.5)
  • After cleaning with 2% AR Clean 96.6 ± 1.05 (95.5- 97.6)
  • Sustainability, environmentally friendly
  • Removes algae